We believe that addiction impacts the entire family. It is not one person’s journey but a path that all members of a family walk. Our family centered approach provides you, your family members and your loved ones, regardless of which person is being treated for dependencies, with a unique opportunity to have each of your concerns and needs met throughout the journey of recovery.

Working as a team consisting of PhD and Masters Level therapists and Internationally Certified Addiction Counsellors and/or members of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation, you receive the benefit of the input of several professionals although you may be working with face to face with one counsellor or therapist. Through our peer consultation process, we are able to seek input from any of our colleagues to provide the best possible treatment plan for you and your family.

Our service to you is confidential and we take measures to protect your privacy. With your consent, we are prepared to speak with other health professionals, family members or where it would be helpful to you, employers and educators.

The whole family is the client. Don’t worry, If you are an adolescent, we do not disclose details of conversations with your counsellor. With your permission we will share information useful and supportive to your recovery plan with your family.

Through the use of intensive and thorough assessments, employing recognized measures, we can properly evaluate each of our client’s individual issues and needs and make appropriate treatment recommendations. Treatment plans are entirely individualized, as you are unique.

We do believe that alcoholism and addiction can develop as a progressive primary disease or disorder and that once it reaches a certain phase, treatment and recovery require total abstinence. We recognize that people can die from untreated dependency.

We endorse the Minnesota Model of 12 step chemical dependency recovery as fostered and developed by the Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota, U.S.A. This model employs and combines the clinical methods of helping professions like psychology, psychiatry, social work, nursing, and addiction counselling with the 12 step programs originated by Alcoholics Anonymous. This model is accepted worldwide as an excellent, effective, and professional method to help addicted clients.