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What we are and what we are not:

Recovery Counselling Services is not affiliated with any religious organization, denomination, sect or cult. We are not connected to or supported by any outside enterprise, nor are we affiliated financially with any treatment centre or cause.

We do believe that alcoholism and addiction can develop as a progressive primary disease or disorder and that once it reaches a certain phase, treatment and recovery require total abstinence. We recognize that people can die from untreated chemical dependency.

We do endorse the Minnesota Model of 12 step chemical dependency recovery as fostered and developed by the Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota, U.S.A. This model employs and combines the clinical methods of helping professions like psychology, psychiatry, social work, nursing, and addiction counselling with the 12 step programmes originated by Alcoholics Anonymous. This model is accepted worldwide as an excellent, effective, and professional method to help addicted clients.

Our treatment team consists of a highly qualified group of professionals. All of our staff are either certified by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF) or by their own colleges of social work, psychology, nursing, or psychotherapy.

We are an out-patient service only, but we are experienced in matching our clients with appropriate in-patient centres when required (see the Referral page).

Our assessments are intensive and thorough, employing recognized measures such as the S.A.S.S.I. (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory), the M.A.S.T. and the D.A.S.T.  In addition, collateral information is gathered from other family members, teachers, and health professionals. This procedure allows us to properly evaluate a client's condition and to make appropriate and effective treatment recommendations.

Our service is completely confidential. Although we feel it is a great step for someone to reach out and ask for help, we recognize that privacy concerns are very real and we take every effort to ensure patient confidentiality. Often, in order to make proper treatment recommendations, it may be necessary to speak with other health professionals, family members, or employers. This will never be done without a client's permission. A client at Recovery Counselling Services must give written permission for us to communicate in anyway with anyone at any time. This permission can also be revoked by the client at any time. In the case of an underage client, the parents must give this permission. When we are working with adolescents and their families and providing an assessment, we keep the details of what the young person tells us confidential, but we obtain permission from the young person to share the results of the assessment and any treatment recommendations with the whole family who, in this case, is the client.

In essence, we work for you. We are here to help you and/or your family guide yourselves to a healthy and rewarding place; to help you acquire and learn to use the tools needed to live your life in a fulfilling and happy way.

Referral Process:
Simply call (416) 640-1061 to arrange for an assessment or interview.

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We are located just north of York Mills and the York Mills Subway, and just south of the 401 on the east side of Yonge in the building next to the Swiss Chalet.

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