If there is a marked changed in their behaviour that makes you wonder what is going on, if you suspect that your son or daughter might be using drugs, we can help you with these concerns. Through our comprehensive family assessment process, we will identify if there is a problem to be concerned about, develop a course of action to help your son/daughter be a part of the assessment and develop a plan to address the issues that are affecting your family. Substance abuse treatment for the adolescent or young adult is highly specialized and members of the Recovery Counselling Team have the expertise to work with adolescents and young adults who may not be able to acknowledge or recognize that their substance use is negatively effecting their lives as well as the lives of their families. Our family centred approach means that we work with parents and the adolescent or young adult that is coming for help. If you are wondering about your son or daughter’s substance use, take a look at the indicators below. Parent’s educators. and other significant persons in an adolescent's life observe these warning signs, a cooperative effort should be undertaken. An assessment should be made by a competent professional to determine if alcohol/chemical dependency exits, or if another problem requiring professional help is present. Once an appropriate assessment is made, treatment alternatives can be explored with the adolescent/young adult and family members.


Behaviours listed below are indicators that a substance abuse problem may exist in a young persons life.