School/Academic Achievement

  • Sudden drop or gradual lowering of grades and achievement levels (reasons unclear)
  • Academic failure (sudden)
  • Skipping of classes or days
  • Drops out of sports and other extra-curricular activities
  • Disrespect/defiance towards teachers, rules and regulations
  • Suspensions/expulsions
  • Inattentive in class
  • Increase in disciplinary actions
  • Sleeps in class
  • Wanders in hallways or school grounds
  • Frequently asks to be excused
  • Lack of response to concern expressed by teacher,guidance counsellor or any school staff regarding any of the above
  • Excessive use of cell phone, excessive texting
  • Writes drug slang and phrases on school notebooks and yearbook

If parents, school personnel or other significant person's in an adolescent's life observe these warning signs, a cooperative effort should be undertaken. An assessment should be made by a competent professional should be made to determine if alcohol/chemical dependency exits, or if another problem requiring professional help is present. Once an appropriate assessment is made, treatment alternatives can be explored with the adolescent and family members. Hamish White and his team at Recovery Counselling Services are expert at providing assessments and consultations in a timely, professional and caring way. Give us a call, we can help.

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