Teen Self Assessment

  1. Have you ever felt the need to cut down on your alcohol or drug use?
  2. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory (said or done things that you cannot remember) while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  3. Do close relatives or friends ever worry or complain about your alcohol or drug use?
  4. Have you ever been unable to stop drinking or using drugs when you wanted to?
  5. Has your alcohol or drug use ever created problems between you and your parents, siblings, or friends?
  6. Do you ever drink or use drugs in the morning?
  7. Have you ever been told by a doctor, teacher, minister, or judge to stop drinking or using drugs?
  8. Have you ever been arrested, even for a few hours, because of behaviour while intoxicated on alcohol or drugs?
  9. Do you have unexplained periods of depression, nervousness, or anxiety, or difficulty with sleep?
  10. Have you used either alcohol or drugs in the last week?
  11. Have you been evasive or have you lied about the amount of drugs or alcohol you use to your friends?
  12. Does your mom, brother, sister, or anyone else in your close family have a problem with alcohol or other drugs?
  13. Have you ever taken alcohol or drugs to school, or used alcohol or drugs at school?
  14. Have you ever made a promise to yourself or others that you would not drink or use drugs at school?
  15. Do you wonder if alcohol or drug use is making it difficult for you to do your best at school, sports, hobbies, a job, or extracurricular activities?
  16. Do you hide your alcohol, joints , or pills so that you will have a supply when your source is not available?
  17. Have you ever skipped school, or left school to use alcohol or drugs with friends or alone?
  18. Have you ever been involved in a car accident, either as a passenger or driver, where alcohol or drugs were involved or have you been charged or investigated for driving while impaired?
  19. Are you spending more time alone because of your alcohol and drugs?
  20. Have alcohol or drugs affected your sexual activity or desire?
  21. Have you noticed that you sometimes think of using alcohol or drugs at inappropriate times (that is daydream or obsess about using)?
  22. When people talk to you about your alcohol or drug use, do you feel angry, guilty, or uncomfortable?
  23. Have you ever neglected your obligations and responsibilities to school, work, friends, or your family because of drinking or using?
  24. Have you ever been in the hospital, an emergency room, or sent to the doctor for an alcohol or drug problem?
  25. Have you ever used alcohol or drugs when you were alone


Two of these questions... Be aware that you are at high risk for the development of the disease of chemical dependency.

Three of these questions... You have a problem with substance abuse. See if you can stop using any mood altering drug for 90 days. If you have difficulty with this, you may already be chemically dependent.

Four or more of these questions... You already have many of the critical symptoms of chemical dependence. You or your parents should make an appointment for you to see a chemical dependency professional for a more in depth assessment and for counselling and treatment recommendations. You need to completely abstain from all mood altering drugs but you will need help to do this. Many young people find support by entering into a 12 step recovery programme like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous or an addiction specific youth group.